She Told Her Daughter If She Wants A Puppy, It Has To Come Out Of Her Allowance And She Has To Be Responsible For Caring For The Puppy

Alena - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual puppy

This woman has a daughter who is 13, and her daughter has been begging her lately to let her have a puppy.

Her daughter’s heart is set on an Australian shepherd. She knows this is a high-energy breed, and if she agrees to get her daughter this puppy, the puppy will frequently need to go outside to burn off some energy.

She let her daughter know that they could get a puppy, so long as she understands dogs aren’t just cute, they are huge responsibilities.

“She gets a $50 allowance each month, not for necessities but for wants like school lunch, which she is always free to pack herself anyways with food that is normally already prepared,” she explained.

“I told her that if we get this dog, I will take $15 off her allowance each month, and she will be responsible for taking him outside when she is not at school and playing with it twice a day for at least 30 minutes each time (I will do it while she’s at school).”

“I also told her she will be responsible as well for feeding and giving it water. I will train it as I feel like it will just work out better that way as I have experience training tons of dogs, and only one person can train a dog, so if she has a hard time, it’s not like I can step in and help.”

In response, her daughter simply said she was not anticipating all of these rules surrounding the puppy.

Her boyfriend actually agrees with her daughter, and so her daughter and her boyfriend would like her to be the one doing all the work.

They think that since he works full-time and her daughter is in school full-time, that she should step up to care for the puppy, as she is always at home.

Alena – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual puppy

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