She Told Her Friend It’s Her Fault For Waiting To Get Married And Have Kids So Late In Life, And She Can’t Drop Everything To Help Her Now

Alena Ozerova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

As you grow older, when you’re the last in your friend group to enter a relationship, get married, or have kids, it can be really hard to watch everyone else seemingly move ahead of you.

One woman recently had an outburst around her friend who was the last in their friend group to have kids and is now expecting everyone to drop everything and help her.

She’s 39 and is in a friend group with five other women around the same age. One of those women is Mary, who’s 38. All six have known each other since their early 20s and have stood by each other through their big milestones, from engagements to weddings to having babies.

Mary was always different from the rest of the group, as over the years, she always made it very clear that she didn’t want to settle down until her 30s.

“Mary has always been someone who had to make it known that she was unique [and] different from the rest of us, which wasn’t as draining then as it has become now,” she explained.

“All [the] other women in our circle got married between the ages of 22 and 27, and we all have multiple kids. So, the five of us were able to experience those milestones alongside one another and got closer as we shared similar lifestyles. Mary was very adamant on not settling until her 30s because she wanted to travel and have different experiences, which we all supported.”

While Mary’s sentiments were understandable, she would use her life choices as an excuse to be mean to the friend group or boast about her life as a single woman while they were busy with their family responsibilities. Mary would call herself “lucky” not to be “tied down with husbands and babies.”

As Mary continued to isolate herself and her lifestyle from their friend group, resentment began to grow. Then, once Mary entered her mid-30s, she was in a sudden rush to catch up to everyone, find a husband, and become a mother.

“When she finally got married, many could not attend because it was a destination event and child-free during COVID,” she recalled.

Alena Ozerova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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