She Told Her Husband And Son That After Thanksgiving Dinner, She’s Never Cooking For Them Again

She and her husband both looked online to try to find the same carving knife so that it could be replaced. They couldn’t track it down anywhere.

“The only option is a new knife that doesn’t match the set or a new set of knives that don’t match the cookware. I’m beyond upset. I like my things to match. I enjoy using nice things that look nice when I cook, and I’m tired of them being lost or destroyed. I save up for nice kitchen items or request them for Christmas gifts,” she shared.

Constantly replacing items adds up, so they can’t afford to keep up with it. The only way they’d be able to afford it is to buy lower-quality items or hunt for kitchen equipment at thrift stores.

She’s spoken with both her husband and her son about this ongoing problem over the years, and she expressed that it’s crucial for them to be careful with the kitchen equipment when they need to make food.

This most recent incident was her breaking point. She told them that she was over it and she would no longer cook for them from now on.

Because they constantly ruin or lose her kitchenware, she doesn’t have fun cooking anymore. The frustration and disrespect are just too much, and it no longer feels worth it for her.

Then, she continued and told her husband and son that they could have the kitchen to themselves going forward and cook for themselves. She said that it was up to them to cook their own meals.

In addition, she told them that they have passions of their own, and they’d be furious with her if she destroyed something they needed for their hobby on a regular basis.

She clarified that she would still make Thanksgiving dinner, but after that, she wouldn’t be cooking for them anymore.

After this, her husband and son were silent and seemed pretty depressed, and that made her feel like it was her fault. She hadn’t intended to upset them or let them down.

While she obviously cares about her family and loves them very much, she doesn’t want to put up with their lack of respect any longer, and she’s tired of feeling frustrated every time she cooks.

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