She Told Her Husband That She Wants Him To Abstain From Drinking Once She Eventually Gets Pregnant, But He Thought That Was A Strange Request

Photo 53089644 © Yulia Grigoryeva - - illustrative purposes only

Just a couple of nights ago, this 23-year-old woman and her husband, who is also 23, were discussing their future. And eventually, they got onto the topic of how they wanted to move closer to her family when they started having kids.

To be clear, she and her husband do not plan to have children anytime soon. In fact, they aren’t looking to start for at least another five years.

Nonetheless, the topic of pregnancy came up, and they had another hypothetical conversation.

“I told my husband that I know he’ll be very supportive of me when I do eventually get pregnant,” she recalled.

She also laughed and made a joke about how she would miss sipping on Prosecco with him over dinner while they enjoyed their usual date nights at home.

At that point, her husband also laughed and claimed that he would just drink enough for the both of them.

But while he may have been joking, that statement got her thinking.

“I then said that most likely, in the future, when I’m pregnant, I wouldn’t want him to drink around me,” she revealed.

She claimed that if her husband did indulge in some cocktails, it would make her feel left out of an activity that they used to enjoy together.

Photo 53089644 © Yulia Grigoryeva – – illustrative purposes only

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