She Told Her Sister It’s All Her Fault Her Family Is A Disaster, Since She Was The One Who Insisted On Adopting

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This woman has a 38-year-old sister named Lucy who always dreamed of having a large family. Lucy and her 40-year-old husband Tom had their 9-year-old son Logan, but after Lucy suffered some complications, she was told she could never have more children after Logan.

Lucy was crushed by this, and three years ago, she said she wanted to adopt. Tom never showed a preference for adopting; he only wanted Lucy to be happy.

As for Logan, he insisted that he did not want a brother or a sister. Despite Logan’s concerns and Tom not being decisive, Lucy believed her family would eventually come around to being as excited as she was to adopt.

Lucy and her family got matched with an 11-year-old boy named Jack, and although Lucy promised they were all bonding just fine, she could spot Jack’s behavioral issues from a mile away.

She also noticed that Tom was not thrilled about Jack, and he even made remarks that he was concerned about Jack due to the trauma the boy suffered in his past.

“Lucy adored Jack and rubbished these concerns,” she explained. “I brought up Tom’s hesitation, but Lucy said it was just taking longer for him to bond.”

“They officially adopted Jack about a year ago, and since then, things have fallen apart. Jack’s behavior has either got a lot worse, or Lucy wasn’t speaking about it as much before, but it’s clear Tom is at his wit’s end.”

“According to Lucy, he works late constantly, and whenever Jack has a tantrum, he helps Lucy calm him down and then takes Logan and leaves the house. Logan now hates Jack and won’t play with him, which causes more issues, and he’s started to act out. He spent his last school holiday with my family and is set to spend Christmas with us again because even the family therapist says it’s good for him to have some space.”

As she has watched Lucy’s family turn into a complete and utter trainwreck, it has broken her heart.

Photo 110311104 © Nd3000 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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