She Took Back A $185 Tip From A Waitress Following A Business Dinner Because Her Waitress Accused Her Of Using Fake Cash And Embarrassed Her In Front Of Clients

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Just yesterday, this woman went out to dinner with two of her work clients. So, they decided to eat at a specific, very high-end restaurant since her company has an agreement with the eatery to entertain clients.

“And the restaurant is handsomely reimbursed to cater for our company, even after hours,” she said.

But, the dinner was not officially “on the books.” If it were pre-planned, then she would’ve been able to get a company credit card to use.

Instead, the meal was decided on more of a whim– when one of her clients suggested that they grab dinner halfway through a meeting.

So, she visited the finance department to pick up some spending money for the meal.

“The finance department has cash for this type of purpose when it hasn’t been approved by higher-ups, usually larger notes. This normally gets approved when you bring back a receipt,” she explained.

That’s why, at the end of the dinner, she paid in cash. She also left a generous tip of $185 since the meal was expensive, and her company always encourages staff to tip generously when clients are with them.

While she’d been to that restaurant before, though, she didn’t normally go there with clients. Her waitress didn’t seem to recognize her from the past, either, and caused a pretty embarrassing scene in front of her clients.

It all began when her waitress came to pick up the bill and noticed the tip– which was comprised of large bills. At that point, the waitress claimed that the restaurant only accepted cards.

Photo 56791868 © Wavebreakmedia Ltd – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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