She Wanted To Have A Party Celebrating Her Scholarship To College But Didn’t Know Her Mom Also Included Her Sister In The Celebration, So In Front Of All The Guests, She Grabbed The Microphone And Shamed Both Her Mom And Sister For Constantly Overlooking Her

Sonia has a steady job, is the soccer team captain, is also part of the volleyball team, and she’s also graduating from high school a year ahead on a full scholarship to a pretty prestigious university.

Understandably, she was thrilled and wanted to celebrate her success.

She decided to organize a dinner at a restaurant with some of her friends.

When Sonia informed her mother about this idea, her mother said that she should have a party at their house.

Sonia agreed to this, and at first, she was going to organize everything and buy all of the supplies and food she needed.

However, her mother offered to purchase a beautiful cake for the party and send invitations to all of the guests, and she took her mother up on this offer.

After this, issues quickly started to arise.

Bella asked to invite a few friends to the party, too.

Sonia wasn’t thrilled about this because Bella’s friends were rowdy, but when Bella assured her that she would make sure her friends were on their best behavior, she said she would allow it.

The morning of the party, Sonia and her mother set everything up in the house, and she was looking forward to everyone coming over to celebrate her scholarship.

Once the party officially started, nearly double the number of guests she’d been expecting, according to her mother’s estimate, came over, and most of the extra people were Bella’s friends.

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