She Was Supposed To Go On A Family Vacation To Aruba, But She Ditched Her Whole Family At The Airport To Go On A Cruise With Her Husband Instead

Lex - - illustrative purposes only

Each year, this woman’s family enjoys arranging a big trip to take together.

She and her husband go on this yearly vacation with her mother, her sister, her brother, her daughter, her daughter’s husband, and her granddaughter.

Plus, they always extend invites to some of their other family members. For this year’s trip, the family wanted to go to Aruba and stay at an all-inclusive resort.

All the details were finalized, and all the tickets were booked and paid for. Even though she doesn’t have an issue going on these trips, she does have some problems with some of her family members.

Her mother is quite elderly, but she also hasn’t prioritized her health over the years.

“So, she has weight problems that have affected her ability to walk. It has also led to sleep apnea. This means that she can’t walk very far without taking tons of breaks and will fall asleep anywhere,” she said.

This normally wouldn’t be a big deal for the group, but whenever the family wants to organize something to do while on vacation, they can’t choose something too physically strenuous because their mother would reject the idea.

Unfortunately, her mother doesn’t seem thrilled about the idea of the rest of the family enjoying their time if she’s excluded from it.

Because of her mother’s health problems, the family typically has to do whatever her mother wants or feels physically capable of doing.

Lex – – illustrative purposes only

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