She Was Tricked Into Going On A Date With A Guy Who Pretended That He Was Throwing A House Party, But It Wound Up Being Just Them At His House Awkwardly Hanging Out For Hours

Photo 78580776 © Sergeyzapotylok - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Dating at any point in life has its ups and downs, but the teenage years, in particular, are very much like a rollercoaster ride. TikToker Jessi (@jessi.lee) is talking about the time a guy tricked her into going on a date with him by inviting her to a house party he was pretending to throw.

At the time, she was fourteen years old, and the guy was a couple of years older than her. His name was Gage. They had been talking for a few months and had known each other for a while.

However, if he ever asked her to hang out with him alone, she would’ve turned him down. She believes that he knew she would’ve told him no. So, instead of asking her on a date, he decided to stage a party.

One Friday morning, he texted her, inviting her to a swim party that night. He listed the names of girls she knew who would be there. Since she was fourteen, she did not have a car or a driver’s license, so she begged her mother to drop her off at the party.

The party started at four in the afternoon, so she decided to get there 45 minutes later. When she showed up, Gage’s mother answered the door. She greeted Jessi and shouted to Gage that she had arrived, referring to her as his girlfriend.

As Gage ran up to the door, Jessi shot him an incredulous look. He then clarified to his mother that they weren’t dating.

After that, he told her that his mom would show her around the house while he left to put on his swim trunks. When she walked inside with his mom, she noticed that no one else was there, even though the party was supposed to have started 45 minutes ago.

She was left alone with Gage’s mom for twenty minutes, who showed her a bunch of baby pictures of Gage and gushed about how adorable he was.

Finally, Gage returned and directed her to a room where she could change into her swimsuit. As they walked outside to the pool, she asked him when everyone else would be getting there. He informed her that everyone was just running late, which she could tell was an obvious lie.

Photo 78580776 © Sergeyzapotylok – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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