She Went Out Of Her Way To Accommodate Her Sister-In-Law’s Kids’ Food Allergies At Her Own Child’s Birthday Party, But Her Sister-In-Law Still Made A Stink And Claimed Not To Trust Her

A month before her son’s birthday party, she sent out invitations, and her brother-in-law responded that they would attend depending on what the menu was.

He didn’t provide any more feedback on what kind of foods she and her family could or couldn’t serve.

Her in-laws and their children attend parties for other children constantly.

Not long ago, she and her husband were at a child’s birthday party with her in-laws, and her in-laws’ children ate pizza and cake.

“So, we decided to order pizza and hoagies with seedless rolls to avoid sesame. Another family member made pumpkin muffins and chocolate chip cookies, and we had a charcuterie board and fruit,” she said.

Her husband wrote out their menu and sent it to his brother a week prior to the party.

After that, his brother said the menu worked for them, and they were planning to attend.

She and her husband ordered a birthday cake, but her brother-in-law said that he and his wife would be bringing allergen-free cupcakes for their children to eat instead.

“Before shopping, I researched what crackers to buy for the charcuterie board, and my husband met with the hoagie place manager to make sure to avoid sesame. The party started, and my brother-in-law called my husband to say they would be late and asked him to set aside pizza for them ‘to avoid cross-contamination.’ My husband explained there were absolutely no nuts or sesame, but okay. When they arrived, they walked past the food, and my brother-in-law and sister-in-law began arguing quietly,” she explained.

When they walked into the party, her sister-in-law didn’t acknowledge her or her son, and after bickering with her husband, her sister-in-law sat down alone.

Besides the awkwardness when her brother-in-law’s family showed up, things seemed to be going smoothly.

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