She Went Out On A Date At A Bar With A Guy So Awful That Her Server Actually Felt Bad For Her And Let Her Have Her Drink For Free

After an hour, Felisha was ready to go home, not caring that she was unable to finish her iced tea. Josh offered to help her finish it.

She agreed, then went to the bathroom to text her friends about what was happening. When she returned, Josh excitedly informed her that the server did not charge them for the drinks.

They left the bar and went outside. As they were walking to Felisha’s place, he asked her if she wanted to walk arm in arm.

Of course, she declined. When they were near her house, she came up with an excuse to get him to go home. She told him that her eye was uncomfortably dry and suggested that they reschedule their date for another time.

At first, he was persistent about continuing the date, but she asserted that she needed to sleep it off. Finally, she gave him a hug and ran inside to get away from him.


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