She Went Out With A Guy Who Had To Google A Bizarre Question To Ask Her Just Because He Couldn’t Think Of Any Other Conversation Starters And Then Gifted Her A Random, Used Candle At The End Of Their Date

Photo 79810284 © Zojakostina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever had a date who didn’t really talk much? A TikTok creator named Rachel Dawson (@alltheradreads) is detailing an awkward date she went on with a guy who was not the best conversationalist. At the end of the date, he randomly gifted her a used candle.

Rachel is 31-years-old, and she’s content with being single. But every now and then, she gets curious about what’s out there.

So recently, she decided to hop back onto the dating apps and ended up going on a few dates with a guy.

The other day, they went on a nice, casual walk together, which was their third date. At one point, she became tired of carrying the entire conversation, so she let it lapse into silence for a little bit. Then, her date chimed in, saying that he felt like he needed to ask her a question.

Rachel asked what he would like to know about her. He stated that he wanted to know everything but couldn’t come up with a single question.

Finally, he pulled out his phone for inspiration. After typing something into the search bar, he landed on a bizarre question.

He asked her if she would rather be a rhino-sized hamster or a hamster-sized rhino. Rachel would prefer to be a rhino-sized hamster, and they did have an interesting conversation about it, but the fact that he couldn’t think of a question himself and had to turn to Google for help didn’t sit right with her.

When they got back to Rachel’s place, which is where they met up before their walk, they stood awkwardly in her bedroom, not saying a word to each other.

Suddenly, he piped up that he had something to give to her. He went outside to his car to retrieve it. Upon his return, he presented her with a scented candle.

Photo 79810284 © Zojakostina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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