She Went Without Oxygen For 40 Minutes And Was Given A 6% Chance Of Survival, Yet She Survived

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In rare medical situations, a person can die and come back to life, either through resuscitation or a complete miracle.

The latter happened to a UK woman named Kirsty Bortoft (@kirstybortoft) in January 2021.

She stopped breathing for over 40 minutes and miraculously emerged from a coma with zero brain damage, making a remarkable recovery, even though doctors had given her only a six percent chance of survival.

She was found unconscious by her fiancé, who called for an ambulance and did CPR on her. At the hospital, she was put into a coma for 48 hours.

Her family was told several times to prepare for the strong possibility that she could not be revived.

Then, against all odds, she came back to life and is now stronger than ever. Currently, Kirsty is an award-winning anxiety mind coach, meditation teacher, and best-selling author.

She helps people free themselves from negativity and feelings of stress and worry.

Before this medical miracle, Kirsty suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. She was generally just an over-worrier.

But her brief death was a life-changing event.

sveta – – illustrative purposes only

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