She Won The Pulitzer Prize In 1932 And A Nobel Peace Prize In Literature In 1938 For Her Literary Work That Portrayed Life And Human Rights In Asia

“The Good Earth” was such a successful and impacting book that it won Pearl some of the most esteemed literary awards, including the Pulitzer Prize in 1932 and eventually a Nobel Peace Prize in Literature in 1938. The novel was adapted into a Broadway production and film.

Pearl didn’t only have an impressive career as an author but was also a very hardworking advocate. While living in the United States during the 1930s, she did a lot of work to support the civil rights and women’s rights movements. She wrote articles for the NAACP’s “Crisis” magazine and chaired the Committee against Racial Discrimination during World War II.

When war broke out between Japan and China in 1937, Pearl and her second husband, publisher Richard Walsh, formed the China Emergency Relief Committee to send Chinese citizens medical supplies, food, and clothing. She founded an American international adoption agency in 1949 and the Pearl S. Buck Foundation in 1964.

During her activism and philanthropy, she continued to write various works of literature, from novels to children’s books to biographies. Pearl eventually passed away due to lung cancer in America at 80 in 1973.

Pearl’s career as an author and activist helped give Americans and American officials a much more realistic look into life for people in China. She inspired many acts of charity and kindness and will always be remembered for her efforts and talents.

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