She Works In Retail, And She’s Sharing A Story About A Beyond Rude Woman That Walked Into Her Store One Day

Both of the girls behind the register had black hair, but that was where their similarities ended.

“I looked her dead in the eyes, and I started speaking Spanish to her, and she was confused and left,” said the employee.

Many TikTok users had some suggestions for what to do the next time a Karen shows her face at their store.

“You should get a Karen bell; ring it as soon as they start,” advised one user.

“Change the sign while maintaining eye contact with them, I beg you,” pleaded another.

“I’ve had someone do the hi welcome in mock to me, and so I mocked how they were acting with my boss. We couldn’t stop laughing once they stormed out,” offered a third.

How many Karens have you dealt with so far?


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