She’s A Licensed Professional Counselor Urging Social Media Users To Stop Consuming Content Posted By Family Vloggers, Claiming That Viewing It Supports Child Exploitation

Photo 252507441 © Sonerbakir - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Social media accounts that feature children and families as a whole make great business for influencer parents. Some family influencers earn millions of dollars from the content they post online about their kids.

But before you like another photo or click on a new video from your favorite “momfluencer” account, pause for a minute to think about the role that the children play in their parents’ careers. Have you ever considered how being in front of a camera at all times can affect kids?

KC Davis (@domesticblisters) is a licensed professional counselor, and she’s urging people to stop watching content created by family vlogging channels because doing so supports the exploitation of the children who star in them.

In a TikTok video that has received 2.3 million views, she shared a clip of a mom influencer talking about not wanting her kids to perform in front of the camera during the entirety of their family vacation, so she requires them to do only a few videos a day.

Then, she scrolled through a color-coded spreadsheet with the videos they would be filming each day. KC went back to the spreadsheet and counted at least 40 videos, pointing out that the influencer hadn’t even shown the entire spreadsheet.

“Their idea of their children not working is making 40 videos. And as you can see, they are meticulously planned out. And I know some of these trends, they’re not quick to make. There will be reshoots; there will be outfit changes,” said KC.

No matter how authentic the lives of these people may appear, the reality is that they are not capturing candid moments most of the time. Instead, every single aspect shown on camera has been outlined, categorized, and thought out, forcing kids to act out their childhoods rather than actually live them.

Even a child getting ready in the bathroom in the morning is subject to content. Privacy is nonexistent, and that child must prepare to be filmed from the moment they wake up.

“If 40+ videos is them giving their kids time off, can you imagine how many videos, families like this, and other family [vloggers] are making their kids perform?” concluded KC.

Photo 252507441 © Sonerbakir – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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