She’s A Paramedic, And She Was Called To A Home Where An Exorcism Was Being Performed On A Woman

He explained that his wife had begun seizing while they were lying in bed watching television. Stacy crouched down to examine the patient, but when she did, the patient turned toward her and growled. At that moment, Stacy started to put two and two together.

She realized that an exorcism was being performed in the house, which was why the police officers were reluctant to go in, the husband was wearing a suit, and the furniture was pushed away from the center of the room. There was also a Bible on the floor next to the patient.

Throughout their interaction, the patient continued growling and hissing. At one point, she became combative, so Stacy had to ask one of her partners to retrieve the box of sedatives.

While her partner went to get the sedatives, the patient began to chant in a language Stacy did not recognize.

Her husband thought she was speaking Italian, even though she didn’t know Italian, but Stacy believed she was chanting in Latin. They ended up sedating the patient, and no one was willing to haul her onto the gurney. Eventually, Stacy enlisted the help of her partners and some police officers.

They headed to the hospital, and luckily, the patient was unconscious during part of the ambulance ride there.

For the rest of the time, she placed her fingers on top of her head and stared at them creepily. The patient also chanted in the strange language Stacy had heard in the house and sometimes shifted to Spanish. She also talked about taking her children to a bloody river.

After dropping the patient off at the hospital, Stacy returned to her station and slept with the lights on all night long.


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