She’s Been Asking Her Boyfriend To Propose For Years But It Never Happened And They’ve Already Had Two Kids Together, So She Wound Up Telling Him That If He Proposes Now, She’d Just Be Angry And Wouldn’t Say Yes

elnariz - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her boyfriend have been dating since high school, which was nearly a decade ago.

Not long after they got into a relationship as high schoolers, they discussed marriage, and they both said they wanted to get married someday.

Her boyfriend said that when he turned 18, he would be willing to marry her in order to help her escape an unhealthy home life with her mother.

However, she was able to find another way to get into a more stable living situation, so she and her boyfriend didn’t get married.

Later on, she got pregnant when she was a little over 18-years-old, and they still weren’t married when she gave birth to their first child.

“I hated needing a ‘third party’ to approve him to the birth certificate. I hated not having my baby’s last name (both kids have his last name because we were ‘traditional’ and my family is worse). I told him that before we had another kid, I wanted to be married, even just going to the courthouse…I was embarrassed, and I just wanted to feel like a family ‘unit,'” she said.

Her boyfriend was in agreement with this idea.

Later, she and her boyfriend moved out of their hometown and began ring shopping.

She got pregnant with their second child, and she told her boyfriend several times that she wanted to take his last name so that she could then have the same last name as their children.

elnariz – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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