She’s Refusing To Attend Her Best Friend’s Wedding After Her Boyfriend Was Cut From The Guest List, Even Though She’s The Maid Of Honor And Has Spent Thousands Of Dollars Helping Plan The Event

Tinashe Njaku/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 25-year-old woman has been good friends with Jane, also 25, since they were in elementary school.

Jane is like a sister to her. In 2024, Jane is getting married. She and one of their other mutual friends, Emily, were asked to be co-maids of honor at the wedding, and they were both honored to be able to fill this role.

All of them are from the south, where wedding traditions are a prevalent part of their culture.

She has never agreed with the massive southern weddings and the traditions that go along with them, but she was thrilled to be one of the maids of honor at Jane’s wedding.

As a supportive friend, she wanted to do whatever she could to make Jane’s special day a dream come true for her.

Over the years, Jane’s friendship with Emily has been a roller coaster. At times, Jane expressed that if she met Emily in the present moment, she didn’t believe that they would be close friends.

It’s been two years since Jane asked her and Emily to be co-maids of honor. Jane was hoping to be engaged for a while before getting married so that she had plenty of time to plan the wedding.

Throughout the last couple of years, there have been changes within the three women’s friendship.

Not long ago, Emily got engaged, and this helped her and Jane bond over wedding-related topics.

Tinashe Njaku/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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