She’s Sharing How She Responded To A Guy Who Asked For Her Number, And It Was Brutal

Photo 127135695 © Xiao Cai - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Dating is a grueling process, and rejection is a natural part of the experience. It is often said that the worst thing someone can tell you is “no.” However, one woman has proven this is not always the case.

A TikTok creator named Anisa Nandaula (@anisa_nandaula) posted a short clip sharing how she responded to a guy who asked her for her phone number, and it was brutal.

“If you think you’re bad at dating, I want you to remember the time a guy asked me for my number, and I rejected him by saying, ‘I want to start off by saying I acknowledge your bravery and the courage it took to approach me. I respectfully decline,’ like that was going to make it any better,” she said.

The 16-second clip garnered lots of laughs from several TikTok users. They all came to the consensus that her rejection speech was beautifully written, and one even mentioned that it reminded them of Shakespeare, which is truly the ultimate compliment.

The guy who Anisa turned down that day may or may not have taken the rejection to heart, but even though we’ll probably never know for sure how it affected him, there is one thing that’s certain: plenty of other people who have faced romantic rejection haven’t fared so well, letting it tank their self-esteem.

Feeling bad after being rejected is totally normal. After all, we’re only human. Serving your heart up on a platter just to have it shattered into pieces is bound to make anyone feel down in the dumps.

The problem arises when you fixate on your rejections and view each one of them as a personal attack.

That may lead to long-term consequences such as developing a negative worldview or low self-worth.

Instead of dwelling on the hurt feelings or deciding to opt out of dating altogether, you can cope with repeated rejection by finding a silver lining to it.

Photo 127135695 © Xiao Cai – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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