She’s Talking About How Motherhood “Tests Your Inner Gangster”

She also says that it’s not uncommon for your first instinct to fight back and defend yourself when your body registers physical pain.

“When my daughter was four years old, she threw a snow boot at me and hit me square in the nose, and I had to leave the room because I felt like the Hulk,” she said.

In another instance, her son had kicked her in the chest after her breast reduction surgery. The moment made her “immediately see red,” and she had to walk away before she blew up.

All this is to say that these urges do not mean you are a bad mother. Motherhood can push you to your limits, and these types of emotional experiences are valid. Usually, they come about because you are actively trying to heal from the way you were treated as a child.

The only way to lessen them is to continue on your healing journey so that you can learn to properly regulate your emotions and give your kids a better childhood than you did. Many TikTok users shared their own experiences in which their little ones have tested their self-control.

“There are days that I have had to sit down with my daughter and tell her I’m sorry for how I acted and that I didn’t mean to act that way,” admitted one user.

“My daughter pulled out my nose ring after being in for 3 weeks I almost threw her how HORRID the pain was, I tried so hard not to cry,” commented another.

“My 1 yo slapped me in the face in a crowded restaurant. I politely excused myself and went to the bathroom and cried,” wrote someone else.


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