She’s Upset With Her Dad For Getting His New Girlfriend Pregnant, Since He’s Been Neglecting Her And Her Little Sister

highwaystarz - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 17-year-old girl says that her mom was her whole entire world. Growing up, they would watch documentaries together, read books, and take road trips.

Her mom would bake cookies for her and her little sister whenever they didn’t feel well. Her mom and dad would also take her and her little sister hiking frequently.

Sadly, when she was 11, her mom passed away in a car accident, and she still misses her mom terribly to this day.

Two years after losing her mom, her dad began dating a woman a decade younger than him named Nicole.

Now, her dad is marrying Nicole, and she’s not excited in the least about her stepmom.

“Nicole brought adventure back into his life, but they often went on elaborate trips and frequent night outs,” she explained.

“During all of this, I felt neglected. My father slowly stopped taking my sister and me on our weekly hikes. He started speaking less and less over calls, and he even once forgot my mother’s birthday. After she came into our lives, I started losing my father. He just wasn’t there anymore.”

There are more reasons as to why she dislikes Nicole, like the time her little sister fell down the stairs when they were home alone and got an enormous cut on her head.

Her little sister obviously needed stitches, so she instantly called her dad, but Nicole picked up the phone.

highwaystarz – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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