These Six Home Design Trends Will Be Hot In The New Year, According To A Recent Zillow Report

In recent years, wallpaper has made a notable comeback. And now, homeowners are taking this wall decor a step further by incorporating eye-catching murals.

Zillow reported that murals are now featured in for-sale homes 18% more frequently.

Additionally, it’s become increasingly convenient to embrace this design trend in your own space, with a wide array of wallpaper murals showcasing diverse and stunning scenes readily available.

Cold Plunge Pools

Cold plunge pools were previously a staple in spas and high-end properties. But now, with more people reaping the health benefits of this chilly habit, cold plunge pools are emerging as a sought-after feature in homes.

This wellness trend, often recommended by influencers for its benefits like enhanced circulation and inflammation reduction, is becoming more accessible to the general public through DIY-friendly models.

And according to Zillow’s data, there has been a significant 130% increase in listings featuring at-home cold plunge pools since last year.

Sensory Gardens And Pathways

Gardening enthusiasts will also have a new trend to embrace in 2024: sensory gardens.

These gardens are crafted to stimulate all five senses, often featuring a diverse mix of plants, colors, textures, fragrances, sounds, and even elements that are edible.

Zillow’s data indicates a notable increase in listings that mention sensory gardens or pathways, up by 314% from last year.

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