This One-Pan Gnocchi Recipe Is Quick And Delicious, But The Best Part Is That You Can Even Use Any Leftover Ingredients You Happen To Have Lying Around Your Kitchen

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It’s easy to turn store-bought gnocchi into a meal that’s fit for a restaurant! TikToker @yourbarefootneighbor is sharing a one-pan gnocchi recipe using a bunch of leftovers he happened to have sitting around in his kitchen.

The gnocchi is cooked right into the sauce, making the dish super easy, quick, and flavorful. You don’t have to feel bad about not making your gnocchi from scratch.

Homemade gnocchi actually wouldn’t work too well for this recipe because it may fall apart from sitting in the sauce for too long.

“This one pan dinner was perfect for a lazy night and only took a few minutes to come together and cook,” he wrote in the caption of his video.

First off, he had a few sun-dried tomatoes left in a jar, so he went ahead and dumped the remaining contents into a pan. Next, he added a bit of butter and one diced shallot. If you have bacon on hand, add that as well.

When the mixture has been cooking for a couple of minutes, throw in some garlic. Whether your garlic is freshly minced or from a jar, it does not matter. Both will work for this recipe.

Then, pour in some white wine. After letting the wine cook for a minute or so, add about half a box of chicken stock.

Pour it in with a light hand if you prefer your dish to be less soupy. Sprinkle in some salt and black pepper, then add heavy cream.

Once it starts to bubble, put in a pound of potato gnocchi. While the gnocchi is cooking, grate a block of parmesan cheese.

fabiomax – – illustrative purposes only

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