This Tennessee Teen Was Abducted While Walking Home From School In 1989, And A Couple Tried To Chase Down Her Kidnapper

Unfortunately, it took police two days before they connected Tonetta’s case to the reported abduction on Hamilton Avenue, as they first labeled her as a runaway.

Two days later, on March 18th, police traced the vehicle’s license plate to Jeffrey Jones, a convicted felon who had been released from prison a year before Tonetta was abducted. Before they could arrest and get any solid answers on Tonetta’s disappearance from Jeffrey, they found him dead inside the same vehicle used to abduct Tonetta, as he had taken his life.

Tragically, there was no sign of Tonetta and no indication left by Jeffrey as to what may have happened to her. Police and local authorities conducted thorough searches of the local area and areas near Jeffrey’s home, but no leads were found.

To this day, there has still been no confirmed sighting of Tonetta. Many people, including her mother, believe Jeffrey was responsible for her abduction and potential murder, but there has been no confirmation that this is true.

Since Tonetta went missing, Nonie’s been issuing public pleas for anyone who may have any information on what happened to her daughter to come forward, strongly believing someone out there must know something.

In 2019, Tonetta’s case was reopened, and her mother and brother submitted DNA samples to aid the investigator’s searches. While no major progress has been made, her family continues to search for answers.

At the time of Tonetta’s disappearance, she was five foot one, weighed around 95 pounds, and had black hair and brown eyes. She would be 50 years old today.

If you have any information regarding her case, you are urged to contact the Chattanooga Police Department at (423) 698-2525.

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