While He Was In The Hospital Recovering, His Girlfriend Met Up With Her Ex-Fiancé Without Telling Him, And She Is Still In Love With The Guy

baranq - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 42-year-old man has been dating a lovely 35-year-old woman named Nat for around three months.

He and Nat get along great and even told one another that they’re in love after just a month of dating.

He is aware that Nat was engaged before they began dating and that her ex-fiancé’s name is Tim.

He thinks that Tim sounds like a really awful guy, based on what Nat has told him so far. He also knows that Nat met Tim through a speed-dating event, and they got engaged after six months of dating.

When Nat attempted to talk to Tim about wedding planning details, he was incredibly evasive and said they should discuss this after they made some more money.

Tim wouldn’t talk about wedding colors or who he wanted to ask to be his groomsmen. Another six months went by, and Nat discovered that Tim had been cheating on her.

Tim said sorry and pleaded with Nat to take him back, and she did. Nat gave Tim a second chance, but he blew it.

“After about another 6 months, not only did she catch him cheating again, [but] she found out he had never really stopped; that he was seeing multiple women throughout their entire relationship, and the thing that made her the most upset is after going through his text messages, it was clear as soon as the day after she caught him cheating the first time he was still texting multiple women for hookups like nothing happened,” he explained.

“She broke things off and stopped dating for about a year. She wasn’t seeking anything out, we just happened to meet at her job (she works at a vet’s office, and I had been bringing my dog often for a health issue), and we eventually hit it off.”

baranq – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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