While He Was In The Hospital Recovering, His Girlfriend Met Up With Her Ex-Fiancé Without Telling Him, And She Is Still In Love With The Guy

“Last week, I was going for a run when I was struck by a car (honestly, my fault, it was night, I was dressed in clothes that were too dark, kinda came out of nowhere). It was pretty bad – I was intubated and in the ICU for a couple days with a chest tube. I recovered pretty quickly, but it was a little scary the first day.”

So, while he was in the hospital recovering, Tim reached out to Nat to say he heard about the accident via social media and wanted to send his wishes for recovery.

Basically, Tim then said to Nat he was sorry and that if they ever needed anything, to reach out to him.

Tim also asked Nat to grab coffee and catch up, and Nat agreed. Nat met up with Tim at a coffee shop close to the hospital before she went to visit him.

“My GF is gorgeous and sweet but a bit naive,” he said. “Honestly, I feel like Tim targeted her for this reason. She always sees the good in people, [and] never has anything unkind to say. Does things for anybody without expecting anything in return.”

“So she meets Tim, and of course, he makes a pass at her. It was clear he was trying to use the fact that she was emotional about my accident to try to manipulate her, but she’s gained some confidence since they were together and didn’t go for it.”

“He tried to kiss her (yeah, in the Starbucks), tell her she was even more beautiful than before…”

Nat refused Tim’s advances, and then Tim said that clearly, he wouldn’t be able to take care of Nat physically after the accident, so he could help out on the side.

Nat got super upset about that remark, so she got up and left while Tim hurled insults at her. Nat later showed him the messages Tim sent her while informing him of what happened at coffee.

He got uneasy about all of it and questioned Nat why she would agree to meet up with Tim in the first place.

Nat maintained that she wanted to hear what Tim had to say since he sounded genuinely sorry, and she wanted him to apologize to her face.

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