While Her Fiancé Popped The Big Question, Her Future Mother-In-Law Accidentally Recorded A Video Of Her Own Face Instead Of Capturing The Proposal

At the beginning of the nine-second clip, the expression on Villareal’s mom’s face was filled with joy as she watched the proposal, but it quickly turned to panic as she realized she had missed the whole moment.

Luckily, Villareal’s dad had recorded the entire proposal on his phone, so the memory wasn’t lost forever.

In his video, Araujo can be seen reacting with surprise when Villareal popped the question. Then, she nodded her head, accepting his proposal, and the two of them embraced each other.

The initial video with Villareal’s mom has gained over 10.5 million views. Araujo wasn’t upset with her at all, citing it as an honest mistake. In the caption of the video, she wrote, “She was trying her best!!”

However, many commenters weren’t so forgiving. Some stated that they would be livid if something like this happened to them, and one even said they were convinced it had been on purpose. Others could see that Villareal’s mom clearly felt bad and offered kinder words.

“You can see the moment her soul left her body! Poor thing,” commented one user.

“You can tell she got so worried, but it’ll still be a beautiful memory with a funny story! Congratulations!” exclaimed another.

“How can anyone get mad at such a cutie face? She was stressed, sympathy, please,” declared a third.


she was trying her best!!??? #engagement #proposal

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