While Out On A Date With A Girl, He Accidentally Got Lost And Had To Walk Around A Parking Garage With Her For A Full Hour Until They Finally Found His Car

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There’s a long list of things you can do that don’t make very good first impressions on dates, such as poor hygiene, drinking too much, droning on about yourself, and, of course, losing your way back to your vehicle at the end of the night.

TikToker Dennis Farrell (@poordecisionsguy) is talking about the time he got lost while on a date with a girl, which resulted in them walking around for an hour until they finally found the parking garage where he had left his car.

Recently, he went on a date with a Ukrainian girl. He picked her up at her yoga studio, and they went out for dinner at a place in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He ended up parking in a parking garage.

Everything went fine during dinner except for the small argument they had about retirement. Dennis is eight years away from retirement, but the girl stated that men should never retire. She believed that if a man sat at home while the woman worked, he was losing his “male essence.”

Dennis told her that he had been working for almost thirty years and that he would leave his job the second he was able to. However, that did not sit well with her.

After dinner, they headed back to his vehicle. He was not familiar with the area, so as they were trying to find their way back to the parking garage, they got lost.

It was a pretty chilly evening, and Dennis did not have a jacket on. During the hunt for the parking garage, he suggested that she call for her own ride home while he figured out the situation.

She refused, not wanting to leave him alone and stranded. Finally, they located the parking garage but couldn’t find the car. At that point, they had already been wandering the downtown area for about an hour. Then, they spent another fifteen to twenty minutes searching for the car itself.

When they found the car, Dennis saw that someone had parked super close to his driver’s side door so that he couldn’t get into it. He was forced to climb through the passenger side to reach the driver’s seat.

Photo 106356862 © Artofphoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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