While Shopping Alone In A Grocery Store, She Felt Like A Man Was Trying To Pickpocket Her Because He Kept Following Her And Getting Too Close For Comfort

Photo 142261474 © Anton Estrada - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

One day, this 30-year-old woman was grocery shopping. While in the drink aisle and reaching to grab an item, she suddenly had a bad feeling.

“I turned my head to look back and jumped when a man who was extremely close to me–like an inch behind me–quickly moved past me,” she said.

Understandably, she was concerned and immediately checked her back pocket to make sure her car key was there, which it was, so she assumed that someone was hurrying and accidentally ran into her without noticing.

After she grabbed the drinks she wanted, she looked back at the man who’d brushed past her. He was walking back and forth while looking at drinks a few feet away from her, with no cart or basket and his hands behind his back. She guessed that maybe he only needed a couple of drinks, and so that was why he didn’t have a cart or basket while shopping.

However, the man started to seem suspicious while she continued her grocery shopping.

“I moved on to another aisle, and after I reached to grab something and turn around–there he is again, a few feet from me, again with his hands behind his back, ‘looking’ at items in the aisle,” she explained.

Now she was scared, so she went to the checkout line. While waiting, she didn’t see him when she looked behind her, so she thought she’d finally lost him. But that relief was short-lived.

“I turn my head, and bam. There he is on my left, looking at something near the checkout line. There are several different checkout lines, as well as a self-checkout, so the odds of him being there coincidentally seemed low. He still did not have a cart or any items,” she shared.

Once she noticed him, she stared him down until he looked at her and then immediately walked away. After that, she didn’t see him again.

Photo 142261474 © Anton Estrada – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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