You’ve Heard Of Poison Ivy, But What About Poison Hemlock? Here’s How To Identify This Highly Hazardous Plant In Your Yard And Eradicate It From Your Property

Similar Plants To Poison Hemlock

There are many plants out there that look just like poison hemlock, but once you know how to spot the telltale features, you can rule them out as being hemlock. Some of these plants include elderberry, Queen Anne’s lace, and wild parsnip.

Elderberry has white flowers, but they’re larger than the ones found on hemlock. Their woody stems also do not have any purple spots.

The white flower heads and lacy leaves of Queen Anne’s lace are often mistaken for poison hemlock. However, the stem of Queen Anne’s lace is hairy and free from purple specks.

The roots of wild parsnip can easily be confused with hemlock. Wild parsnip can be distinguished by its yellow flowers and leaves that resemble celery.

How To Get Rid Of Poison Hemlock

Once you’ve determined that poison hemlock is in your area, it’s best to remove it. Experts recommend digging small patches of them out at a time, making sure to remove the roots.

You can also use herbicides to eradicate hemlock plants. Apply the herbicide in the fall or early spring before the hemlock has a chance to mature.

Wear protective clothing to avoid contact with the plant. After removing the plants, place them in plastic trash bags to prevent further contamination.

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