After A 72-Year-Old Idaho Woman Went Missing For Four Days, Her Wrecked Car Was Located In A Ravine, And She Was Rescued Safe And Conscious

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Any time that someone goes missing, it’s a terrifying and tragic event. That person’s loved ones experience a tremendous amount of fear and anxiety, wondering if the individual might be gone forever.

Sometimes, miraculous circumstances occur, and that person shows up, bringing much relief to their family members.

On December 5, Penny Kay Clark’s family reported the 72-year-old woman missing to the Nampa Police Department.

Four days later, two men found her wrecked car, which had fallen halfway into a ravine in rural Idaho. The vehicle had slid about 200 yards down a canyon wall in the area of Map Rock Road and Rim Road.

The two men contacted authorities right away. Soon after, first responders arrived at the scene. They scanned the area from the edge of the canyon with a pair of binoculars and found Clark about 40 feet away from her car in the ravine.

She was safe, conscious, alert, and able to talk to search and rescue personnel, so they hatched a plan to rescue her, deciding that the quickest way to do so would be on foot.

Multiple agencies were involved in the rescue effort, including the Life Flight Network, the Nampa Police Department, Canyon County Paramedics, several fire departments, and Idaho Fish and Game.

It took nearly two hours to carry Clark out of the ravine over to where the medics were set up. Once she reached the ambulance, she was quickly examined and then airlifted by a Life Flight helicopter to an area hospital to recover from her injuries.

Of course, Clark’s loved ones were relieved to have her back safe and sound. The last time they saw her, she had simply been intending to run some errands.

michaeljung – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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