After Giving A Heartfelt Speech At Her Sister’s Wedding, She Fled The Event And Has Been Ghosting Her Sister Ever Since Because She Was Demoted From Maid Of Honor to Bridesmaid

Photo 52288181 © Victoriaandreas - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For many years, this 30-year-old woman and her sister, 34, have enjoyed making plans for her sister’s dream wedding before her sister was even in a relationship.

Eventually, her sister was dating her now-husband, and at one point, the three of them lived together.

While she lived with her sister and her sister’s boyfriend, he told her that he was planning to propose, and he asked her for her blessing.

She gave him her blessing, and when he asked for her help to plan the proposal, she agreed.

Since she and her sister had talked so much about what her sister envisioned for her future proposal and wedding, she knew that the proposal had to be perfect.

Unfortunately, the pandemic derailed the plan she and her sister’s boyfriend had, so they had to change course.

It even made the process difficult when her sister’s boyfriend was trying to purchase an engagement ring.

“So, my brother-in-law planned a small, intimate proposal at home. I covered the majority of the expenses for the proposal since my brother-in-law bought the ring. I cleaned the entire house to stage it for the proposal that day. Set everything up very romantically, anticipating their arrival. The proposal was beyond perfect, and my sister said yes immediately. My sister quickly appointed me maid of honor for her wedding,” she said.

Her sister choosing her to be the maid of honor angered a lot of her sister’s friends, and it caused some drama.

Photo 52288181 © Victoriaandreas – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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