After Giving A Heartfelt Speech At Her Sister’s Wedding, She Fled The Event And Has Been Ghosting Her Sister Ever Since Because She Was Demoted From Maid Of Honor to Bridesmaid

A couple of years later, her sister was deep into wedding planning.

Her sister wanted to have a large wedding, with at least 200 guests, so she had to wait until COVID-19 restrictions were loosened.

Numerous times leading up to the wedding, she would call her sister to ask if she needed her to make any calls to vendors or if she needed help with anything else.

Each time she did this, her sister always said she didn’t need anything because her friend Samantha was already helping her with the planning process.

Occasionally, her sister would ask her to do something that wasn’t related to the wedding, but she would do what her sister asked to, making sure to follow up with her sister in 24 hours or less.

Despite always following through with her sister’s requests, her sister never seemed to think what she did was good enough or did not respond to her at all.

On July 6th, her sister sent her and all of the bridesmaids a text reminding them to purchase their bridesmaid’s dresses.

Her son’s birthday was on July 9th, and because she wanted to give her undivided attention to her son on his special day, she planned to buy her dress right after his birthday.

The year before, her son was sick with COVID on his birthday, so she wanted his birthday this time around to make up for the previous year when he couldn’t have a party.

Right after her son’s party, she went online to purchase her dress, which she had in her cart. The dress was $378, but she realized that it was sold out.

She called the seller to ask when they would be restocking the dress, and she also inquired about other dresses. Her hope was that if the dress she was planning to buy wasn’t going to be available in time for her sister’s wedding, she could try to find something similar.

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