After She Vanished In 2019, Several Articles Of Bloody Clothing Were Found Inside Her Car As Well As Her Hotel Room, Yet Authorities Failed To Collect Critical Pieces Of Evidence

Facebook - pictured above is Jamie

I can’t imagine anything more frustrating than having a loved one go missing and feeling like authorities and investigators haven’t made enough effort to figure out what happened to them.

The family of Jamie Kaiwai has been seeking justice for the handling of her case ever since she disappeared in 2019, and authorities have failed to collect and further analyze major pieces of evidence.

Jamie was 27-years-old and living in Tolga, a city in New Zealand. She was the mother of a five-year-old son and had a complicated past. She loved music and was a talented artist, but sadly struggled with mental illness and drug use. 

After an incident in 2018, Jamie was determined to stay clean and get her life back on track, working to secure a new job and regain custody of her son, who was sent to live with his father.

On October 11th, 2019, Jamie was allegedly seen on a beach in Tolga Bay. This would be the last time anyone would see her. After not hearing from her, Jamie’s family called the police and reported her missing.

Police searched the Tolga Bay area, and dive teams began searching the water for her body but came up with nothing. Then, on October 13th, her car was found parked near Tolga Bay. Inside her car, chilling discoveries were made, and it was unlocked, and there were several articles of bloody clothing inside.

Additionally, police eventually discovered that Jamie’s car had been moved at least three times over the course of several days. At the time of her disappearance, Jamie had been living in a room at the Tolga Bay Inn. When the room was investigated, investigators allegedly found blood inside.

Jamie’s laptop was searched after she was reported missing, and investigators were able to track her cellphone history and see that she had gone to two locations, Hawke’s Bay and Te Araroa, but only stayed in each location for five minutes. However, her cell phone activity stopped on October 9th.

Jamie’s family has been very disappointed in the way her case was handled, as police allegedly did not test her car or room at the inn for fingerprints, in addition to not testing the bloody clothes for DNA.

Facebook – pictured above is Jamie

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