American Pikas Could Be The First Species To Go Extinct Due To Climate Change

Living near other pikas allows them to send out a warning call to alert the group of danger. According to the National Park Service, their calls are much like the sound of squeaky toys.

While pikas do live in colonies, they are very territorial over their dens. They will often give off territorial calls to mark their spaces.

Today, American pikas are vulnerable to extinction due to climate change. Climate change has caused temperatures to rise in high mountain ecosystems. The pika has adapted to cool, moist environments, so they can die if exposed to temperatures at 79 degrees Fahrenheit or above.

Already, over a third of pikas have vanished from Oregon and Nevada, regions that they are known to frequent.

They could be the first species to go extinct because of climate change. Without help from humans to preserve their habitats, pikas may be at risk of disappearing forever.

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