Being A “Minimalist” Is Part Of His Identity, So He Packed Only A Small Bag For His Roadtrip With His Girlfriend And Refused To Help Her With Her Luggage

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This 22-year-old guy and his girlfriend, who is also 22, have been dating for a year, and he believes that their relationship is serious.

So, they decided to take a road trip to the West Coast in hopes of going on a 30-day vacation this past summer.

And when it came to packing for this long trek, he opted to pack very lightly– taking just a small bag with him– like he always does.

“Being a minimalist in this area and other areas in my life is important to me and is part of my identity,” he said.

His girlfriend, on the other hand, doesn’t share the same habit. So, before they set out on their vacation, he made sure to tell her that she could pack as much or as little as she wanted.

“But that I would not lift, carry, or otherwise handle her luggage. Each of us would be responsible for our own stuff,” he recalled.

This was apparently an ongoing topic of conversation leading up to their vacation, too. And each time it came up, he reminded his girlfriend that they would be dealing with their luggage a lot– starting with their first flight out west to actually carrying their bags inside different hotels every night.

That’s why he didn’t want to pack a lot and claimed that they could just stop at laundromats whenever they ran out of clean garments.

Regardless of that, his girlfriend still decided to pack and travel with a large roller bag, which he swore could have “fit a small child.” And even though it weighed over 30 pounds, she still “expected” him to lug the bag around.

EpicStockMedia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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