Christmas Plaid Isn’t Just For Flannel Pajamas: Here’s How To Style This Festive Textile And Elevate Your Outfits This Season

Matching two-piece sets are super trendy right now, and they show no signs of going away anytime soon. So, why not opt for a plaid one? It’s the last word in efficient fashion since they’re incredibly easy to style, making the process of getting dressed much simpler.

Even without putting too much thought and effort into your outfit, a plaid two-piece set will still offer sophistication and flair. Go for a plaid corset top with matching trousers so you can have twice the amount of Christmas plaid.

Plaid And Other Patterns

Plaid is easy to mix with other patterns. When combined with different patterns, your Christmas plaid will be more toned down but not completely drowned out. It’s ideal to wear Christmas plaid with something that’s mainly neutral, like stripes in black and white.

However, the holiday season is the perfect time to take some fashion risks and express your sense of style. Play with other seasonal motifs like snowflakes and flowers. You can even pair a more colorful plaid with a plainer one.

Plaid Shoes

Plaid scarves are common accessories, but if you want to be more daring, you can add interest to your outfit with Christmas plaid shoes. Wear them with sheer black tights to make them pop and take the excitement up a notch.

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