Eggnog Nails Are The Dreamiest Manicure Trend This Holiday Season

Start by dipping your thin brush or toothpick into the brown polish and gently dot it onto your nails.

Think random, speckled, and subtle. Less is more here. You can also add a few touches of gold for that hint of holiday sparkle.

Seal The Deal With A Top Coat

After your masterpiece has dried, you’ll want to seal it in with a clear top coat.

This not only gives your eggnog nails a glossy finish but also ensures your design lasts through all your holiday activities.

Aftercare To Keep Your Mani Looking Good As New

Lastly, to keep your nails looking fresh, avoid using your nails as tools and wear gloves while doing household chores. And if you notice any chips, just a quick touch-up will do the trick.

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