Ever Since She Found Out Her Husband Was Talking To Another Woman, She Wants To Go Home Early Without Telling Him Why

“Now, it seems that he’s in contact with another woman, telling her he wants to get to know her and meet up after ‘he is back from his trip (he didn’t travel; I traveled to him),” she explained.

Understandably, this was upsetting to learn. Right now, she’s still visiting her husband, but she wants to cut the trip short and go home.

She’s too exhausted to even talk to her husband about the situation, and she can’t decide if she wants to file for divorce or try to work on saving their marriage.

As she’s been processing everything, she’s debating on coming up with a reason to leave in a couple of days.

Once she gets back home, she’ll spend more time on her own sorting through how she feels and what she wants to do.

However, she doesn’t know if it would be childish of her not to talk to him in person and express why she wants to go home early.

What advice would you give her?

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