He Blocked His Girlfriend After Her Best Friend Berated Him, Saying All The Problems In The Relationship Were His Fault

Vadim - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 27-year-old man and his girlfriend, who is also 27, dated for six years and lived together in an apartment about a year into their relationship.

About four months ago, they took a break because they wanted to have their own space to grow as individuals. At the time, he moved so that he had a shorter commute to school, and his girlfriend stayed in the town they’d been living in because she just accepted a new job.

Before they came to the mutual decision to pause their relationship, they both realized that they were stubborn in their own views and needed time alone that their relationship would hopefully be healthier in the future.

The break seemed effective, and eventually, they started hanging out more often. Usually, they get together every weekend. A couple of weekends ago, his girlfriend’s best friend was there as well, and the night didn’t go well.

His girlfriend and her friend asked if he could bring over some takeout food, but the hangout ended up going very differently than he’d hoped.

“Her best friend decided to talk in a demeaning way about how I’ll never change, how I’m not getting any help (therapy, medical, physical), and that most of the problems in my relationship are my fault. This rant lasted over an hour,” he said.

While her friend insulted him, he just stood there and didn’t say a word except to occasionally defend himself and express that he was doing his best to improve. He works part-time while taking classes, and he was just approved to move into an apartment he applied to.

He acknowledged that he isn’t perfect, and he felt like it was best for him and his girlfriend to spend time apart so that he could focus on self-growth and working on the parts of himself that he’s not proud of.

“I was unhappy with the person I was becoming. I wanted to work on that to be the best version of myself for her,” he explained.

Vadim – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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