He Blocked His Girlfriend After Her Best Friend Berated Him, Saying All The Problems In The Relationship Were His Fault

During this uncomfortable rant, his girlfriend never stood up for him, which was obviously incredibly hurtful. From his perspective, since the relationship his girlfriend’s best friend was ranting about wasn’t her own, it, therefore, wasn’t any of her business, and she was crossing the line.

Finally, several hours later, her friend left, and he also went home not long after that. He was somewhat cold when he said goodbye to his girlfriend.

“My girlfriend apologized on her friend’s behalf the next day and said that she was out of line and all that, but the fact that she didn’t stand up for me while it was happening hurt more than the words her friend said to me,” he shared.

In response, he said that they should move on with their lives, explaining that when she didn’t defend him while her friend insulted him, it solidified the fact that she hadn’t grown at all.

Later, his girlfriend’s friend texted him asking if he was able to get together so that she could tell him she was sorry. He decided to block both his girlfriend and her best friend.

A couple of days after that, his now ex-girlfriend called him using her brother’s phone, and she left him a voicemail saying that she was sorry for not defending him. Then, she asked if he’d be willing to have a conversation about what happened.

He eventually agreed to this, so he and his ex-girlfriend set up a time for them to talk things over. Since they’d dated for so long, it’s painful to imagine a life without her. For so many years, he thought she would be the person he’d be with for the rest of his life.

What advice would you give him?

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