He Broke Up With His Girlfriend Just Five Days Before They Were Set To Move In Together And Left Her Homeless

ChesterAlive91 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This guy and his girlfriend have been dating for the past seven months, and due to a change in their “life circumstances,” his girlfriend planned to move into his apartment for one month before they both moved 16 hours away together.

He admitted that, while agreeing to this plan, he was worried that they were rushing into things. However, he needed to begin a work contract, and he didn’t want to remain in his hometown.

So, he tried to push his concerns aside. By Christmas Eve, though, it became clear that he had a right to be worried.

Out of nowhere, his girlfriend texted him that night, claiming to have had issues with their relationship over the past month.

She also said that she hadn’t planned to speak up about her feelings, but given the fact that she was upset about his Christmas presents not being “personal” enough, she wanted to confront him.

His girlfriend admitted that she needed to know if he was 100% “in it” for their move to a new town together.

This pushed them to hope on a FaceTime call that same night, openly discussing how they were at the point of either committing to moving in together or breaking up.

Well, following that conversation, he received a four-paragraph message from his girlfriend where she detailed all of the things she wanted him to “fix” in their relationship. According to him, most of these problems were related to love languages and better communication.

“But she had never brought up issues like these or a discussion of what she needed from her partner if we were to move before,” he said.

ChesterAlive91 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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