He Finally Got To Tie The Knot After Beating Cancer, But His Sister Ruined His Big Day With A Sour Attitude And Claimed That He Didn’t Give Her Enough Special Treatment

On his wedding day, his sister had a sour attitude and hardly made him feel celebrated. The next morning, she quickly told him and their mom she had to leave, and his mom followed behind her. 

“I was so upset,” he recalled.

“It put a horrible cloud over my wedding memories.”

A week later, his mom called him, and he asked what upset his sister on his wedding day. His mom told him his sister was upset because he failed to make her feel special during his wedding. He told her his sister already had her special day and that his wedding day was about him and his wife.

Although his wedding was a year ago, his sister is still upset that she didn’t get special treatment that day.

Should he apologize to his sister, or is she being unreasonable?

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