He Found Out That His Girlfriend She Was Engaged To Another Guy

Alinnan - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

While this 26-year-old man was still in a relationship with his now ex-girlfriend, 28, she began to distance herself. She cited struggles with her mental health as the reason for the emotional distance.

He was worried that she was pulling away, but he did his best to be supportive while she was going through a difficult time, making sure not to put pressure on her to communicate more often.

As time went on, their communication lessened. They had only been dating for six months at this point, and he didn’t know his girlfriend’s friend group too well.

In order to try to receive updates about his girlfriend’s mental health, he looked up some of her friends on social media.

Throughout their entire relationship, his girlfriend claimed that she didn’t use social media or have any social media accounts.

“When I found her friends online, I also found out that my ex does have social media and uses it regularly,” he said.

“To my surprise, I found out she has been engaged to someone since 2019. When checking public records, her fiancé’s primary address was listed the same as hers.”

Understandably, he was stunned when he discovered all of this. He confronted his girlfriend even though he knew that her mental health was suffering. According to her, she and her fiancé ended their engagement in 2020.

“I presented her with a photo of them in 2022. She told me she always lived alone and bought her place out of interest in seeing new areas (not living with a fiancé),” he explained.

Alinnan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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