He Hates His Girlfriend’s Fake Lashes, Since They Look Like Caterpillars

puhhha - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old guy is of the opinion that fake eyelashes don’t look good on anyone. He can’t say he has ever seen someone with fake lashes and thought to himself that they looked great.

He knows this all comes down to his own personal preferences, and he thinks a natural look is more appealing.

If a woman is wearing makeup, he expects it should be “tasteful” and done in a way that serves to compliment her own natural beauty, not mask anything or cover it up.

He also finds heavy makeup, fake eyebrows, or things like lip injections either ugly or trashy; there’s no in-between in his eyes.

As for his own girlfriend, he loves how she looks, and he is never opposed to her trying new things or experimenting in the beauty department.

“She’s in cosmetology school and had her friend spend 6 hours yesterday practicing putting [fake lashes] on, and she feels really pretty and is excited about them,” he explained.

“I think they look like she has two caterpillars on her face, and it’s impossible not to notice them every time I look into her eyes because they’re right there. I asked how long they last and she said four weeks.”

“Obviously, it’s her body and her choices. I will never tell her what to do. Personally, I would never do something like this to my face without talking to her first because she’s the one who would have to look at it, and as a partner, I want to consider how she feels about it.”

While he realizes he can choose to do anything he wants with his own body, he would at least give his girlfriend the courtesy of not doing something she dislikes.

puhhha – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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