He Refused To Get More Serious With A Woman He’s Been Casually Seeing And Told Her It’s Because He Wants A Partner Who “Dresses With A Bit More Class”

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This guy was introduced to a woman at a club a few weeks ago, and they’ve been casually seeing each other ever since. They only meet up once or twice a week to hook up.

“And we don’t usually go on dates just to keep things minimal,” he said.

But, more recently, he decided to go out on a few dates with the woman– taking her mini-golfing, bowling, and grabbing drinks– just because she was interested in going out. And while they were on their dates, he noticed that she tried hard to wear as little clothing as possible.

For instance, he realized that the woman’s shirt could barely contain her chest, and her shorts were simply way too short.

“It’s nice to look at,” he admitted, “But that’s not what I want in a long-term partner.”

Yet, just a few days ago, the woman visited his apartment and claimed that she wanted to talk about making their relationship more serious. So, at that point, he revealed how he was fine with keeping their arrangement casual.

Now, the woman was confused– especially since they got along very well– and she couldn’t understand why he wasn’t interested in a committed relationship.

This started a bickering argument between them, too, and eventually, he was forced to come clean.

“I just said that I don’t want to date her because of how she dresses,” he recalled.

Photo 57028249 © Vadymvdrobot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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