He Told His Girlfriend He Feels Disrespected By Her Constant Mess, But She Just Accused Him Of Being Shallow

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Two weeks ago, this 50-year-old man was frustrated that his girlfriend, 47, had a ton of garbage piling up in their garage.

The two of them have been having an ongoing fight over this issue because every three to four months, his girlfriend gets incredibly behind in cleaning and doesn’t throw things away or keep their house neat.

In the garage, he saw numerous empty boxes of wine, soda, and other miscellaneous items. This was the last straw for him.

Over and over again, he requested that she and her children, 16 and 20, make sure to recycle these empty boxes, but none of them listened.

Unfortunately, his girlfriend piles stuff on top of any surface that she can. Their coffee table, kitchen table, and countertops are covered with stuff, and their bedroom is so cluttered that there is only a tiny path through which she can walk to get to her side of their bed.

During the most recent argument, he questioned his girlfriend about why she didn’t seem to have any respect for him.

She told him that she did respect him, but he argued that her actions didn’t match her words.

“I pointed to the boxes and asked how many times I have to ask her to clean up after herself. Currently, throughout the house and garage, there’s a mix of trash, crusty food dishes, dirty clothes, makeup/fake nail stuff, liquor bottles, soda cans, wadded-up paper towels, opened Amazon packages, and yes, every flat surface that’s not my own dresser,” he said.

His girlfriend was angry and called him “shallow” because she felt like the only thing that mattered to him was the way the house looked.

Prostock-studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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