He Took In His Son’s Girlfriend Years Ago After She Got Pregnant And Was Kicked Out By Her Parents, So She Now Wants Him To Walk Her Down The Aisle, But Her Parents Are Furious

In his view, Chloe is essentially a daughter to her.

Today, Chloe and Josh are both 25 years old, and Brynn is 9.

After not communicating with Chloe for years, her parents reached out to her and apologized for their past actions, claiming that they wanted to be present in her life, as well as Josh’s and Brynn’s.

“Josh and Chloe chose to hesitantly let them in their daughter’s life. They have definitely played the part of overcompensating grandparents who try to pretend no time has passed. Brynn is healthy, safe, and loved; that’s all that matters. They have been standoffish with my wife and I,” he explained.

In his opinion, it seems like Chloe’s parents are envious and self-conscious about how he and his wife have such a strong bond with both Chloe and Brynn.

Since her parents have come back into the picture, he and his wife have attempted to organize talks or days out with Brynn and Chloe’s parents.

Every time they’ve tried to do this, Chloe’s parents have refused to get together with them.

Eventually, they gave up on trying to get to know them on a deeper level.

To keep the peace, he and his wife still make sure to be civil and nice.

Not long ago, Chloe and Josh told them that they were engaged, and Chloe asked if he could walk her down the aisle on their wedding day along with her father.

“She explained that she’d love to have ‘her other dad with her. I was touched. She has called me ‘Papa Sam’ for a while now (and my wife ‘Mama Carol’), but I still didn’t expect this. I accepted. Now, Chloe’s dad is refusing to walk her down the aisle because I will. He says that I am encroaching on a precious moment between him and his daughter,” he shared.

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