He Wants A Divorce After His Wife Falsely Accused Him Of Harming Their Infant Daughter, But Everyone Thinks He Should Forgive Her

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Three years ago, this 28-year-old man got married to his 27-year-old wife. They first met back in grade school, and over the years, they have come to know every single thing there is to know about one another and their respective families.

Two months ago, when he arrived home one day, he saw his wife and their infant daughter on the couch.

He went to say hi to them and realized his wife was asleep and his daughter clearly needed her diaper changed.

He didn’t want to wake up his wife to change their daughter’s diaper since his wife never falls asleep prior to 9 p.m. unless she’s exhausted or had a crazy day.

He picked up his daughter, brought her to her room, and put her on the changing table. As he was changing her diaper, his wife woke up and walked into the room two minutes later.

He said hi to his wife, who simply stared at him, stared at their daughter on the changing table, and proceeded to fly into a rage while physically attacking him.

“I was stunned for like a second, and instinct kicked in, and I leaned over my daughter to protect her,” he explained.

“My wife was shouting while hitting me, how could I, how could I, over and over again, and that I’m a monster. I had no idea at the time what she was talking about, and [that] morning [when] I left, everything was as good as it could be.”

“She then ran out [of] the room, like 5 minutes later, 3 police officers had me in handcuffs, and my wife [was] going crazy that she caught me [assaulting] my daughter. I was speechless at that moment and couldn’t believe what she was saying.”

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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